About THe Salon

At Jill's Muddy Paw, we use only the best, highest quality shampoos, conditioners and stying products. If your dog has any sensitivities, please let our dedicated staff know and we may recommend our oatmeal shampoo, hypo-allergenic shampoo or one of the medicated shampoos we carry to ensure the best care for your dog.

We specialize in grooming dogs up to 80-lbs, ensuring a fun and safe experience for all.

We regularly disinfect cages, tables and equipment throughout the day. 

Our appointment times are staggered throughout the day, which enables us to keep your dog a minimal amount of time. Most dogs are in our care for a minimum of 2 hours, and a maximum of 4 hours.

We use the “Groomer's Helper” to tether your dog and keep him/her safely on the grooming table. This system keeps our grooming loops from putting any pressure on your dogs trachea. 

We will always treat your dog with love and kindness!